Terms and conditions

When you enrol on one of our courses, the following terms and conditions apply:

Payment and Liability

Payment of all fees due to OUCS is required in full before the course. Payment must be made using one of the following payment methods: cheque, purchase order, debit/credit card, cash.

The organisers reserve the right to refuse admission to any delegate who has not paid all course fees in full before the start of the course.

Once accepted, a delegate is deemed to be personally liable for all fees due. An exception is where a sponsor (e.g. employer) notifies OUCS that it accepts liability. Notification must be in writing by an officer of that organisation who is authorised to enter into contracts on its behalf.

Course cancellation and programme changes

Course cancellation and programme changes: courses are financially self-supporting, and a minimum enrolment is therefore necessary to make each course viable. If, because of low enrolment or any other reason, a course (or part thereof) is cancelled, then OUCS will make every reasonable effort to give registered delegates as much notice as possible (normally at least 14 days to the due course start-date). OUCS’s maximum liability will be limited to a refund of received fees for the cancelled course. OUCS will not accept liability for any costs or losses incurred by delegates or organisations which are claimed to have arisen through course cancellation, other than for those stated here.

Cancellation of course registration by a delegate

This should be made in writing or by email to be received as soon as possible. Cancellations must be made at least 14 days before the start of the course. Cancellation fees apply regardless of whether full payment has yet been received.

Refunds and substitutions

A proportion of the course fee is not refundable; this element is for unrecoverable costs incurred by OUCS when a course is arranged. We will refund a proportion of the balance of the course fee as follows:
  • Note: The periods reference the day on which we receive your written notification of cancellation.
  • More than 14 days before the start date: 100% of refundable component
  • 7-14 days before the start date: 50%.of refundable component
  • less than 7 days before the start date: 0%

Substitution of delegates: any registered delegate who cannot attend may be replaced by a substitute delegate up to 14 days before the course starts. Registered delegates should contact us as far in advance as possible, giving full details of the substitute who will attend in their place. A completed application form for the substitute delegate should be emailed/posted as soon as possible to OUCS. Thereafter, these Terms and Conditions will apply to the substitute delegate. Substituting in this manner will normally avoid incurring cancellation fees. However, there will be a £75 Late Substitution Fee on the registration if we are given 14 or fewer days’ notice. Please note that unless the full fees are paid by the substitute delegate, no refund can be issued to the delegate who is substituted, and the delegate who is substituted is responsible for recovering from the substitute delegate him-or herself any fees which are not refunded.

Transfer to an alternative course: any registered delegate who cannot attend the course which they have booked may apply, up to 14 days before the course starts, to attend a later iteration of the same course or an alternative course offered by OUCS (subject to availability). The delegate should contact us as far in advance as possible, giving full details of both the course from which they are withdrawing and the course which they would like to attend instead, and email/post a completed application form for the new course to OUCS.

During the course

The organisers may take visual and/or audio recordings of delegates during lectures, site visits and other related functions, and reserve the right to use these for promotional, management or educative purposes (in the United Kingdom or overseas). Delegates’ individual consent for this will be assumed to have been granted unless otherwise indicated by delegates, in writing or by email, prior to the start of each course.

In the interests of all course participants, the organisers reserve the right to enforce the removal of any delegate from the course whose behaviour is, in their view, considered unacceptable.

There is no parking at OUCS without prior arrangement; limited parking may be reserved for those classes that require it for specific disability reasons.

OUCS does not accept responsibility for personal property left in the classrooms. If you have brought anything valuable with you (such as a digital camera), keep it with you, or ask the course leader for advice.

We endeavour to accommodate any special requirements that you may have, but you must tell us in advance of the course. All such requests are treated in confidence.

Apple Authorised Training courses there areadditional terms and conditions

  • When using Apple Certification Curriculum materials, you must adhere to the copyright notice contained in the course materials.
  • You cannot use any reference materials during an examination session.
  • In the event that you fail an Apple Authorised examination, you must wait at least 1 week before attempting it again.

Terms and conditions

OUCS reserves the right to vary these Terms and Conditions from time to time and the current version will be that published on this website.

By applying for a course applicants are deemed to have accepted these Terms and Conditions.