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1. Our People

1.1. AATCe Staff

1.1.1. Dave Baker (Teaching and Learning Technologist)

Dave worked for twenty five years in the nuclear industry as a research scientist and software developer. He is a qualified teacher and has taught full-time in Further and Higher Education for ten years.

He is currently a Senior Teaching and Learning Technologist in the IT Learning Programme at Oxford University. His interests centre around the use of educational technology and digital imaging in teaching and learning.

Dave is the academic co-ordinator for Oxford University's Apple Authorised Training Centre.

1.1.2. Denise Cattell

1.1.3. Mark Lambourne

1.1.4. Kathryn Wenczek (AATC(e) Administration Manager)

Kathryn is the administration manager for Oxford University's IT Learning Programme (ITLP). She co-ordinates and manages the highly regarded programme of IT related courses that the ITLP offers to the University and which are delivered in a suite of five, fully equipped IT teaching rooms.

Kathryn has extensive experience in organising and supporting all types of teaching and training events and conferences. She now also manages the administration of Oxford University's Apple Authorised Training Centre.

1.2. Creative Professionals

1.2.1. Stephen Eyre (Teacher/Musician)

Stephen Eyre is a teacher for the IT Learning Programme, interested in multimedia applications and creative software in an Apple environment. As part of the programme he teaches iLife, Audacity, Logic and podcasting technologies.

Stephen is certified at Level 1 in Logic, working towards Level 2.

Beyond his career in teaching, Stephen is passionate about music and is entering his final year studying music composition at MA level at Oxford Brookes University. His music has been played at Coventry’s alternative arts festival, A Thing About Machines, and he is a keen and active musician, often playing live with his band The Fireflies.

1.2.2. Dr Alison-Louise Kahn (Anthropologist/Filmmaker)

Alison Kahn lectures on ethnographic and documentary film at UCL Anthropology Department. She has also been instrumental in setting up a new option in practical film making on the MA program offered at UCL from October 2008. She has been running workshops at UCL since September 2007 including two in Sibiu, Romania.

Dr. Kahn has been involved in film making in anthropology since her MA in Visual Art at Goldsmiths in 1998/9. She has produced and directed several films for educational purposes and for television. Alison's three-part series on Tribal Rites was commissioned by Discovery Channel USA in 2003 and broadcast the following year. Alison worked as its assistant producer and assistant director. The series was a cross-cultural investigation focused on tribal rites of passage, witchcraft and warfare.

Alison Kahn has an MA in Visual Anthropology from Goldsmith's College, University of London, an M.Phil and D.Phil in Material Culture and Social Anthropology from the University of Oxford. She founded the Oxford Ethnographic Film Society in 2001 at Linacre College, Oxford where she has since run many conferences, workshops and screenings in documentary and ethnographic filmmaking. She is director of the Oxford Academy of Documentary Film.

1.2.3. Mark Long (Apple Certified Trainer)

Mark is a freelance editor and producer with twenty years broadcast experience. Mark most recently provided Apple Certified Training to the London College of Communication.

1.2.4. Dr Maarten Roos (Scientist Filmmaker)

Maarten worked as a planetary scientist, specializing in planetary atmospheres, for sixteen years in Paris and Lisbon. He has consulted for the European Space Agency and has extensive experience with public outreach and education. In 2007 he decided to leave the academic world for a career in filmmaking. Ever since he has produced films, mostly related to science and technnology, for organisations as the European Space Agency, the Dutch Thoracic Society, the French Ministry of Education, the Netherlands Research School for Astronomy and the European Planetology Network. He recently initiated and produced a 45 minute long documentary about our Galaxy, which was broadcast on Dutch TV Channel Holland Doc. Most of his astronomy related work can be viewed at:

Visit in the 'Track Record' section, for extracts, trailers and links to other of his work, in particular the trailer for Inside OUT,the Art of Bronchoscopy.

1.2.5. Mark Wood (Apple Certified Trainer)

Mark has designed books, stationery, logos and brochures; worked on public art and community arts projects; exhibited his personal work; taught in Higher Education and trained thousands of people in digital imaging; and written technical and theoretical articles on digital imaging.

Photography has always been at the heart of his practice and eighteen months working on as a newspaper photographer both deepened his technical knowledge and - more importantly - extended his visual language, through the time pressure of newspaper work.

"I am a photographer, who can teach what I practice, and practice what I teach."