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Contacting Banbury Road


Our telephone number is: 01865 273200. The options by phone are:
  1. Opening Hours
  2. Courses
  3. Help Centre
  4. On-line Shop
  5. Reception
Contact Form
To send in requests for help, please use the Help Request Form which is also linked to from the Help/FAQ section. If you have any comments on existing services, facilities, documentation, or notes on how you feel they could be improved, please let us know via the suggestions form.
In person at our Help Centre
13 Banbury Road
Telephone: 01865 273200
FAX: 01865 273275

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1. Banbury Road Opening Hours

These facilities are available at the following times each day from Monday to Friday, except public holidays and where stated:

2. Help Centre

Our Help Centre is available from 8:30 to 20:30, where you can get help and advice concerning a wide range of computing issues. The Help Centre also has various computing facilities available for staff and students to use during opening hours. These include computers (Macs and PCs), scanners, printers (colour and black and white) and video editing software. The Help Centre has space to accommodate users wishing to bringing in their own laptops. Such users will also be able to access the University Wireless network (OWL) in Banbury Road (providing they have the right hardware/software on their machines).