1. About Banbury Road

Entrance to 13 Banbury Road: Photo by Stuart Yeates

One of the locations for IT Services is at 13 Banbury Road where we offer IT facilities, training and advice to members of the University in all aspects of academic computing. More general details about the whole department can be viewed on the IT Services website.


13 Banbury Road
Telephone: 01865 273200
FAX: 01865 273275
See the Travel page for maps and further information on visiting Banbury Rd. Our other office locations are viewable on the IT Services website.

Our facilities at Banbury Rd. are available Monday to Friday (except public holidays and where stated) at the following times:

If you want to know about our groups and who heads them see:
About IT Services Groups
If you would like to know about all our services
See our Service Catalogue
Service Level Descriptions
See our Service Level Descriptions for our services.
If you would like to know about what we have been doing
See our IT Services Newsletters and publicity materials
If you want to know about University computing policies see:

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