2. Old material relating to OUCS

Information about the old OUCS, its stuctures and functions can be viewed below:

If you want to know what OUCS had been up to see:
OUCS News - online newsletters and pdf-files.
The Annual Reports of OUCS
See internal reports section
If you want to know about our future plans see:
5 year plan section
If you want to know about our future research plans see:
Research Strategy
If you want to know about how we measure our success:
OUCS's Performance
Innovations at OUCS
See listing for our Technical, E-Learning and E-Research innovations from the last few decades
Marketing Information
OUCS marketing information, publications, posters, downloads etc. are available from the marketing section.
History of Oxford University Computing Services
See OUCS History in words and pictures.
How did OUCS obtain its structure?
See the 2002 OUCS Restructure: Briefing Document

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