Closure of ACDT

As of June 2008, the Academic Computing Development Team (ACDT) has been discontinued.

When the ACDT was originally set up there was a clear need for such a team as users were only just getting to grips with the possibilities of the web, and most tools and services had to be developed in-house and from scratch, but the times have changed; users now have access to a range of freely available web services, plus all the tools in WebLearn, and thus the need to develop unique e-learning tools had diminished. As a result, the decision has been taken to shut down the service.

The Learning Technolgies Group (LTG) continues to support e-learning in a variety of ways. If you’ve come here looking for assistance, here are some links that may be of use:

Over the course of it's lifespan, the ACDT worked on over 40 projects:

  • Accessing and Storing Knowledge (ASK) Project
  • Archaeology Through Maps and Satellite Images
  • The Chinese Institute Web
  • Chinese Multimedia
  • Clinical Scenarios Database
  • Doctors At War
  • The Dynamics of Rotating Fluids
  • Earth Sciences Image Store
  • Fontes Anglo-Saxonici Project
  • The Forster Collection
  • Geographical Techniques Online
  • George Clarke Print Collection
  • The "Greek Driller" Language Learning
  • Gunpowder, Compass, and Printing Press
  • HEFCE Information Literacy Skills Development
  • The Hillforts of the Ridgeway
  • Human Anatomy Image Database
  • Inquire
  • The Isaiah Berlin Virtual Library
  • Interactive Japanese for Self-Study
  • Interactive Aural Comprehension Materials
  • Interactive Aural Comprehension (II)
  • The Logic Web
  • Multimedia Statistics
  • Online Edition of the Vindolanda Tablets
  • Online Experiments
  • Oxford Earth Sciences Image Store (OESIS)
  • Pacific Pathways
  • Reading List Tool
  • Research and Teaching Resources in Politics
  • Roman Provincial Coinage
  • Social Sciences DataCat
  • The Sphakia Survey Web Site
  • Structured Problems in Molecular Biology
  • The Theology Faculty Digital Library
  • The Universal Language Internet Portal (TULIP)
  • Understanding Environmental Change
  • University Image Management Awareness
  • Usability and Accessibility in WebLearn
  • The Virtual Faculty
  • Web-based Randomisation Facility - Perinatal Trial

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