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Wireless and Remote Access

Wireless networks may not offer the reliability and speed of wired networks but for many their convenience makes them the preferred way to connect to a network whether they are at home, work, or even in an airport. Within Oxford, OUCS provides all of the necessary central services that will allow both members and visitors to connect to the University-wide network via the Oxford Wireless LAN (OWL).... more about wireless

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The IT Learning Programme housed within the Learning Technologies Group at OUCS is all about providing the link between information technology and academic teaching and research. We aim to give you the IT training that you need from gentle introductions to advanced computing topics. Many University members choose to attend one of our many taught courses... more about courses

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Data Backup and Archiving on the HFS

How many times have you accidentally deleted something you shouldn't have? It happens to us all. In those situations knowing that you have a backup is a welcome feeling indeed. OUCS operates a University-wide backup service via the Hierarchical File Store (HFS) that is suitable for personal computers and servers alike... more about backup and archive

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Viruses and Security

The sending of email messages between computers has been happening since the early 1970s but as the use and popularity of the Internet has increased it has become a more hostile place. Nowadays most email users are all too familiar with junk mail and virus infected emails... more about viruses and security

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Anti-Virus Information | Viruses | Adware and Spyware | Sophos FAQ | Network Security - OxCERT | Information Security Best Practice Project (ISBP) | Unwelcome to IT

Computer Breakdown Services

For most of us our use of computer hardware has become an integral part of our daily lives. You could in fact argue that we have become incredibly dependent on computers, many of us would be aghast at the thought of losing our laptop for a significant length of time. So what happens if your laptop does break down and needs repair? OUCS can help and offers a number of services for the repair and upgrade of personal computers. These range from the Computer Hardware Breakdown Service, to the Repair and Upgrade Service, to a Data Backup and System Re-install Service... more about computer breakdown services

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Does your college or department need some extra or specialized IT help? NSMS may be the answer that you are looking for. NSMS is a team of IT professionals who, as part of OUCS, work throughout Oxford University, within departments, colleges and associated institutions. Think of NSMS as a team of Oxford-specific consultants offering a wide and varied range of IT services... more about NSMS

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IT Support Staff

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