1. Workstation Service

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The University Computing Services offers a very economically priced breakdown service for PC and Apple Macintosh personal computers, as well as their peripherals. It is available to University Institutions, Colleges and associated institutions. It is also available to University members, including students, on a personal basis for their privately owned equipment. For a modest annual fee, the service provides for an engineer to visit on-site within approximately 8 working hours of a fault being reported and the fault should be fixed within a further 8 working hours, or, in most cases, an equivalent item of equipment will be offered as a loan until the repair is completed.

Please read the full description of the service to ensure you understand the terms and conditions.

Equipment must be in full working order when it is registered with the service; if not, then see Not in Full Working Order below. The service also doesn't cover software faults or upgrades to working equipment; consult the Help Centre at OUCS for advice in these areas.

iPod breakdown cover is available and includes cover against accidental damage. Supported models are iPod 3rd & 4th Gen, Mini, Photo, Nano, Video, Classic & Touch and accidental damage is included. See the price list for details.

There is a 50% discount for the registration of personal computers and printers for new customers to the service.

STUDENTS PLEASE NOTE: ***iPod Support and discount***
For students, the iPod maintenance is half price if accompanied by a new registration.

1.1. Students and Staff: How to Register Personally Owned Equipment for the Service

Students and staff can register their personal IT equipment on this service, and pay online via the web interface at https://maint.oucs.ox.ac.uk/private/. You can also browse your existing registrations. The site is Webauth protected so you will have to use your Oxford Username and password to gain access. The system will automatically take account of the 50% discount currently available for new registrations.

1.2. Departments and Colleges: How to Register Institutionally Owned Equipment

Departmental and College staff can register institutionally owned IT equipment on this service via the web interface at https://maint.oucs.ox.ac.uk/acct/. Payment is made by specifying a departmental or college purchase order. You can also browse your existing registrations. The site is Webauth protected so you will have to use your Oxford Username and password to gain access.

1.3. Contract Year

The contract runs from December 1 to November 30 of the following year. Registrations that are made part way through the year will pay a reduced amount, pro rata for the remaining time left in the contract year from the date of registration. Registrations made in October or November will run through to the end of November the following year and be charged accordingly.

1.4. Not in Full Working Order?

If your computer or printer is already faulty and you are therefore unable to register it with this service, there are options for obtaining a repair, but there will be a cost involved. For example:

2. File Server Service

There is an enhanced version of this service for the maintenance of file servers. This service is based on a 4 working hour response with a 4 hour fix time. The basic description of the service is the same as for the Workstation Service, but, as might be expected, the price for this service is greater. The registration process is similar to that described above, using the online process.

3. Viewing your registered equipment details

The web interfaces described above allow you to browse a list of equipment that you have registered with the service and check the accuracy of your registered details.

4. Advertising Posters - Attention IT Support Staff

Some advertising posters have been produced. Please feel free to download and print the following PDF files at any size you like and display where you feel appropriate to bring the service to the attention of students and staff: