2. Computer Hardware Breakdown Service

OUCS is able to offer an economically priced breakdown service for both PCs and Macs, computing peripherals including printers, and even iPods! This service is available to University departments and colleges for institutionally owned equipment and also to University staff and students for privately owned equipment. On reporting a fault our third party supplier Equinox will supply an engineer on-site within 8 working hours, and the fault will be fixed within a further 8 hours or loan equipment will be provided. The service can also cover file servers offering a 4 hour reponse and 4 hour fix time. Equipment registered with the breakdown service service must be in full working order at the time of registration but if it is not the OUCS Repair and Upgrade Service may be able to help.

This service really does provide peace of mind as once the modest annual fee has been paid no further costs will be incurred. All parts and labour necessary to fix your equipment is covered by your contract.

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