1. Help! My computer is broken!

For most of us our use of computer hardware has become an integral part of our daily lives. You could in fact argue that we have become incredibly dependent on computers, many of us would be aghast at the thought of losing our laptop for a significant length of time. So what happens if your laptop does break down and needs repair?

OUCS can help and offers a number of services for the repair and upgrade of personal computers. These range from the Computer Hardware Breakdown Service, to the Repair and Upgrade Service, to a Data Backup and System Re-install Service.

2. Computer Hardware Breakdown Service

OUCS is able to offer an economically priced breakdown service for both PCs and Macs, computing peripherals including printers, and even iPods! This service is available to University departments and colleges for institutionally owned equipment and also to University staff and students for privately owned equipment. On reporting a fault our third party supplier Equinox will supply an engineer on-site within 8 working hours, and the fault will be fixed within a further 8 hours or loan equipment will be provided. The service can also cover file servers offering a 4 hour reponse and 4 hour fix time. Equipment registered with the breakdown service service must be in full working order at the time of registration but if it is not the OUCS Repair and Upgrade Service may be able to help.

This service really does provide peace of mind as once the modest annual fee has been paid no further costs will be incurred. All parts and labour necessary to fix your equipment is covered by your contract.

3. Repair and Upgrade Service

The OUCS hardware repair and upgrade service aims to cover computing equipment belonging to University members that cannot be repaired under the breakdown service. This service carries out repairs on PCs and Macs along with memory sticks and hard drives. The repair prices include all parts and labour. You can also use the service to upgrade your PC or Mac by adding extra memory, a larger hard disk, or additional cards such as a TV card, sound card etc. You can even purchase the upgrade parts yourself and get them fitted by OUCS staff. Just use the hardware repair/upgrade enquiry form to get in touch if you need a repair or an upgrade.

4. Data Backup and System Re-install Service

If your computer needs a repair to its hard disk then being able to back your data up before replacement or repair is crucial. We can back up your data for you on to CD or DVD via the Data Backup service. Sometimes, even though there is no physical problem with the hard disk, it may be neccessary to completely re-install the operating system to solve an underlying problem. You can choose to do this yourself using our instructions or you can use our chargeable System Re-install service.

5. The fifth emergency service?

So, if your PC won't power up or your hard disk starts making an alarming noise don't panic. OUCS probably has a service that will get your hardware back to normal so that you can carry on with what you need to do. And if the computer that you really can't do without is actually your iPod, we can make sure that you are never without it for long. If roadside recovery is considered the fourth emergency service then keeping you online must surely be the fifth!