3. Printer Categories – High Specification

This category of printer covers high specification monochrome or colour lasers. If you cannot find your printer listed here then please contact the PC Breakdown Service at the Computing Services (tel: 83422) with a full specification of the printer and they will categorise your printer and that will determine the price for breakdown cover.

Manufacturer Models
Category 1
HP 4500, 4500DN, 4500N, 4700, 8500, 9000,
Lexmark C720
QMS Mag colour 2
Samsung CLP-510N
Category 2
HP 9000N
Category 3
Epson 4000 pro
HP 4600DN, 5500DN, 5500N, 5550DN, 4650DTN, 4550, 4600, 4600DN, 4600DTN, 4650DN, 8500N, 9000DN, 9000DN
Category 4
Epson Acculaser C4000
HP 8500N, 8550N, 9040
Xerox Phaser 5500DT
Category 5
HP 8500DN
Category 6
Epson Stylus 9000 pro
Tektronix Phaser 850

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