1. Introduction

Because there is a very large variation in types of printers and associated breakdown costs, it is necessary to provide a range of charges for the breakdown service depending on the make, model and accessories installed.

For monochrome laser printers, the breakdown charge provides inclusive cover which includes limited life components.

For A4 colour laser printers, drum, oil roll, transfer belt, fuser are considered user changeable and so their replacement is not part of the breakdown service. For A3 colour laser printers, the drum, oil roll, transfer belt, fuser are typically not user changeable, but, for registered printers, if the part is purchased from our maintenance company, it will be fitted free. If the printer is not registered, a fitting charge of £75 will apply.

A general pricing rule that applies is that, whatever the price for the standard non-networked model, for each additional feature, from network card, extra printing tray, duplex unit or hard disk, the price moves up another category.

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