10. Charges and Payment

Detailed pricing information for personal computers and fileservers is available to Oxford users. This provides a detailed list of the annual charges that apply to a variety of computing equipment and peripherals. The University is providing a significant subsidy to the cost for University departments.

The cost of registration is determined by the ownership of the machine, as follows:
  1. The subsidized price, supported by the University, is only applicable to University owned equipment that conforms to the standard Equipment Specification. The cost for items that are outside of the standard specification is not subsidised.

  2. For machines owned by colleges, permanent private halls, associated institutions and similar bodies, the registration cost will be at the unsubsidised rate per machine.

  3. Machines owned, wholly or in part, by individual members of staff or students can be included in the scheme at the unsubsidised rate applying to colleges etc. with a discount for students.

  1. The charges associated with an agreement shall initially be paid at the start of the agreement.

  2. OUCS may vary the charges for an agreement with effect from the end of the contract year.

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