11. Contacting the Service

Enquiries or correspondence about the service should be addressed to the Computer Hardware Breakdown Service (pcbreakdown@oucs.ox.ac.uk) at the Computing Services, 13 Banbury Road.

11.1. Feedback

In order that the quality of service being provided by the maintenance contractor can be monitored, OUCS would appreciate any feedback which customers of this service might care to give.

In a related vein any comments about PC suppliers and the quality of their goods and services would also be welcomed by the Computing Services. Due to the fragmented nature of the purchase and use of personal computers throughout the University it has generally been very difficult to gain a broad impression of the quality of the various suppliers and manufacturers of equipment being used. If sufficient feed back to the Computing Services is obtained the information will be made available to anyone within the University requiring it, possibly allowing better judgements to be made about where to purchase equipment from.

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