13. Limitation of Liability

  1. Although OUCS will use all reasonable endeavours to perform the work set out in agreements, it can make no guarantees concerning any particular outcome.

  2. OUCS accepts no responsibility for the use which the Customer makes of advice or information which it gives, or opinions which it expresses, or of materials, certificates or documents which it supplies.

  3. Without prejudice to any right which the Customer may have to claim against OUCS, the Customer undertakes to make no claim against any employee, agent or appointee of OUCS in regard to any agreements.

  4. The liability of either party for any breach of agreements, or arising in any way out of the subject matter of agreements, will not extend to any incidental or consequential damages or losses including (without limitation) loss of profit.

  5. In any event, the maximum liability of OUCS to the Customer under or otherwise in connection with agreements or their subject matter shall not exceed the return of all moneys provided to OUCS by the Customer under Section 10. Charges and Payment, together with interest at the prevailing Barclays Bank PLC rate.

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