6. Registration of Equipment still under Warranty

For University Institutions and Colleges, OUCS can accept registrations for equipment which is still under the manufacturer's warranty. Such registrations will be activated automatically a few days before the warranty expires, and a registration confirmation sent to the address associated with the original registration. If applicable, an invoice will also be issued at that time.

It is hoped that this will simplify the registration process for departments and colleges with a large number of computers, as keeping track of all the different warranty expiry dates and registering the equipment with OUCS at the correct time can be time consuming and error prone. It also makes it possible for departments to implement a policy of registering all new computing equipment with OUCS at the time of purchase.

It must be emphasised, however, that these advanced registrations are not fully accepted by the Breakdown Service until the specified warranty expiry date. Until that time, you must take advantage of the manufacturer's warranty service to resolve any hardware problems. In addition, departments should notify the Computer Hardware Breakdown Service before the warranty expiry date if for some reason the registration is no longer required.

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