The Banbury Road Data Centre is one of the University's two major data centres and has been in operation for over 30 years..

1. Supporting the University

The Banbury Road Data Centre houses many vital IT services for the University, these include:

The data centre also houses essential equipment for other departments, ranging from Molecular Biology to the Bodleian Libraries and Business Services and Projects (BSP).

1.1. Data Centre Security Policy

A Data Centre Security Policy operates for access to, and working within, the OUCS Data Centre.

2. Planning for the Future

The Banbury Road Data Centre is now over thirty years old; the cooling and power capabilities of the data centre are currently running at full capacity. Much of the existing infrastructure needs to be replaced to ensure that University services remain housed within a reliable and resilient facility.

OUCS has received funding to plan the refurbishment of the Banbury Road Data Centre. The refurbishment has three key objectives:

1. To greatly improve the existing facility and to bring it up to international standards so it may complement the new Shared Data Centre (USDC) at South Parks Road.

2. To provide a greater degree of resilience for business critical IT systems through the availability of two modern data centres at different sites (the Banbury Road Data Centre and the USDC).

3. To increase capacity whilst lowering the cost per square metre of energy usage and therefore saving the University money and contributing to the University's environmental sustainability strategy.

For further information please see: Refurbishment of the Banbury Road Data Centre

3. Data Centre Team

The data centre is managed by the following team:

  • Data Centre Operations Manager: David Birds
  • Senior Computer Operator: John Howard
  • Senior Computer Operator: Colin Bartlett
  • Operations Supervisor (evenings): Annie Martin