1. Refurbishment of the Banbury Road Data Centre (OUCS)

The Banbury Road Data Centre is now over thirty years old and much of the existing infrastructure needs to be replaced to ensure that University services remain housed within a reliable and resilient facility.

OUCS has received funding to plan the refurbishment of the Banbury Road Data Centre.

The refurbishment has three key objectives:

1. To greatly improve the existing facility and to bring it up to international standards so it may complement the new Shared Data Centre at South Parks Road.

2. To provide a greater degree of resilience for business critical IT systems through the availability of two modern data centres at different sites.

3. To increase capacity whilst lowering the cost per square metre of energy usage and therefore saving the University money and contributing to the University's environmental sustainability strategy.

The refurbishment is part of a larger programme of projects to provide modern, resilient data centre facilities for the University.

2. Project Objectives

To undertake a feasibility and project design study in order to prioritise and plan a refurbishment of the Banbury Road Data Centre. The project will:

  • scope the replacement of inefficient cooling systems
  • enhance power distribution
  • improve security and hardware monitoring systems
  • ensure the minimum of disruption to existing systems and services

3. Reporting

The Refurbishment project comes within a programme of projects which is overseen by an internal project working group. The programme draws on expertise from across OUCS.

Further details will be added to this page as they are scoped and defined by the project working group.

The project reports to the PRAC ICT Sub-committee on a termly basis. The reports are available within the ODIT Project Summary Reports.