1. A Shared Data Centre for the Collegiate University

The University has a new Shared Data Centre which:
  • meets international standards in sustainability and efficiency
  • provides resilience for the University's business-critical ICT services
  • provides the foundation for a suite of shared infrastructure services

Interested in the USDC and the services?

Further details of the services offered from the USDC, including pricing, are available as part of our Shared Infrastructure Services (SIS).

2. Designed for the University

A Dedicated Shared Data Centre

In the past business critical IT equipment has been housed across the University, often in small spaces which were not originally designed to house servers and equipment. Colleges and Departments now have a dedicated Shared Data Centre designed to be resilient, efficient and secure.

Reduced Energy Consumption

The University's new Shared Data Centre incorporates extensive power and cooling systems which were designed to recycle cool air and minimise energy use. The aim, says David Birds, Manager of the Shared Data Centre, is to lower our total energy consumption.

Meeting the University's Priorities: resilience, energy efficiency, green IT and security

The University Shared Data Centre has been designed and equipped to meet the latest environmental and business priorities of the University. Read further on how the USDC has been designed to meet the priorities of the University.

3. Further Information

The University Shared Data Centre is managed by OUCS and was delivered under a programme of projects which was overseen by an internal project working group. The programme drew upon expertise from across OUCS.

Shared Infrastructure Services The University Shared Data Centre is one part of our portfolio of Shared Infrastructure Services (SIS). Further details about the services offered by the USDC can be found on our Shared Infrastructure Services (SIS) pages.

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