16. Finding Out More About OUCS Services

How to point your users at our services

  • Our marketing materials are available on our web site
  • Displays in common areas
  • Use in information packs
  • Brighten up student computer rooms
  • Remember you don’t have to provide everything

Have you got an OUCS rep?

  • Reps scheme provides a contact point for a unit other than via IT Staff
  • Enables non-technical dialogue about things that OUCS offers
  • Reps are high-level and strategic
  • Many senior OUCS staff involved
  • Bring OUCS reports to meetings & committees if you wish
  • Will work in the best way to fit your needs
  • Always work in consultation with ITSS

Find out more about OUCS Reps.

We’re here to help you get the most out of what we can offer in partnership with your own ITSS

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