4. Network, Communications and Security

4.1. Network Resilience

Network switch service - £100-£200 pound per network switch, we'll replace failed switch hardware. (Maximum ceiling of £1000).

Upgraded 1 G/bit connections to the backbone available

Second Janet connection being put into the old India Institute building this year, further improving the resilience of the University’s Internet connections.

4.2. Additional, Local Firewall

Do you need one?

  • University network is under constant attack
  • Main University firewall has to have unrestrictive rules
  • Many departments and colleges have local firewalls
  • OUCS offers a managed firewall service

4.3. Information Security

Your reputation is valuable and you don’t want to waste money dealing with data loss. Information Security affects everyone especially those of us responsible for how our departments and colleges operate. Recent self assessment tool showed it as a weak point.

Security breaches can cost reputation and money. The Information Security Best Practice Group can provide help with Policy and a Toolkit including specific advice for Bursars and Administrators.

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