9. What OUCS provides for IT Staff

  • Induction for new (and rusty!) staff
  • Rich web resources including Wiki
  • Tools for local user management
  • Priority helpdesk and registration access
  • Technical training
  • BCS group membership
  • “Lunch and Learn” seminars
  • Annual Conference and Exhibition
  • Social events – invaluable for networking

Are your IT staff using all this?

We can help recruit new IT staff as well as support existing staff

  • Many experienced recruiters and managers in OUCS
  • We will Shortlist and Interview with you
  • We have a large stock of Job Descriptions and Adverts
  • We’re up-to-date with best practice training
  • Job description reviews (for re-grades) offered
  • Help with workplace IT related issues – but we are IT experts, not Personnel Services!

Please ask us early!

More about the ITS3

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