1. Saving Energy - Why?

Reasons to be Saving

  • Global warming?
  • Current financial constraints
  • Need to make the most efficient use of the funds available
  • Council has agreed to implement a carbon management strategy:

    Aims to reduce CO2 emissions

    • by 11% below 2005-2006 baseline by 2011-2012
    • by 33% below 2005-2006 baseline by 2015-2016
    • University will be penalised financially if targets not met

2. Saving Energy - How?

2.1. Virtualisation

OUCS hosts virtualised servers and has considerable experiences of running virtual servers under VMware ESX and vSphere, at low cost. Virtulaisation saves money and space. Most UAS servers are virtual machines running on hardware managed by OUCS.

Nottingham Trent University study showed potential savings to be made. Half of their 300 servers were virtualised.

  • Saved 1,050,000 kWh/annum
  • Led to savings of £78750/annum
  • At 7.5p per kWh the initial costs should be covered in under 4 years.
  • If the electricity price increases, payback will be more rapid.

Already have virtualisation hardware?

  • New Infrastructure as a Service, or IaaS service
  • provides virtualised virtualisation infrastructure
  • computing on demand, cloud-based services

2.2. New Machine Room, New Services

OUCS has new, custom-built machine room. We can offer:

  • Tiered services
  • Hosting for existing rack mounted kit
  • Virtual servers
  • Dual-site resilience

More about Shared Infrastructure Services.

2.3. Wake on LAN (WOL)

Save money and energy by turning off computers when not in use. This technology enables people to turn on computers remotely (e.g. from home), which is a common reason why people leave computers turned on. Older pilot service is now being replaced with a more sophisticated offering (e.g. remove restriction on being limited to one subnet).

Contact nsms@oucs.ox.ac.uk to discuss implementing WOL in your College or Department.

More about Wake on Lan and Power Management

3. Making the Most of your Web Presence

OUCS offers:

  • Free simple web hosting
  • Web design and consultancy from the Web Design Service
  • Application development from Infodev
  • Servers - virtual or physical

OUCS manage the www.ox.ac.uk web server - we're reliable!

Some Examples of Our Work:

Contact infodev@oucs.ox.ac.uk for information on OUCS’s web services.

4. Network, Communications and Security

4.1. Network Resilience

Network switch service - £100-£200 pound per network switch, we'll replace failed switch hardware. (Maximum ceiling of £1000).

Upgraded 1 G/bit connections to the backbone available

Second Janet connection being put into the old India Institute building this year, further improving the resilience of the University’s Internet connections.

4.2. Additional, Local Firewall

Do you need one?

  • University network is under constant attack
  • Main University firewall has to have unrestrictive rules
  • Many departments and colleges have local firewalls
  • OUCS offers a managed firewall service

4.3. Information Security

Your reputation is valuable and you don’t want to waste money dealing with data loss. Information Security affects everyone especially those of us responsible for how our departments and colleges operate. Recent self assessment tool showed it as a weak point.

Security breaches can cost reputation and money. The Information Security Best Practice Group can provide help with Policy and a Toolkit including specific advice for Bursars and Administrators.

5. Server Management

OUCS offers server management of both physical and virtual servers running Windows and Linux.

Managed Mac Platform (MMP) service - OUCS will manage all aspects of service delivery for Departmental or College Macs.

OUCS provides backup, using HFS, for departmental servers and desktops. We recommend that you take advantage of central backup on top of whatever else you do.

6. Research Technology Services (RTS)

The Research Technologies Service (RTS) in OUCS provides a centre of expertise to support research projects and to develop research infrastructure. http://www.oucs.ox.ac.uk/rts/.

OUCS offers advice on:

  • Designing the technical aspects of the project
  • Setting up the IT for the project
  • Doing the work of the project
  • The end of the project and beyond

Contact rts@oucs.ox.ac.uk for details.

7. Printing Services

OUCS runs a professional printing service producing high quality items such as leaflets, booklets, postcards, brochures, and other small scale publications.

Sample publications

Contact tony.hunter@oucs.ox.ac.uk

8. Help Centre

The OUCS Help centre is a backstop and source of extra expertise and temporary capacity. Support should always be sought from your own IT staff (the “local IT staff”) first

Help desk is available 8.30am - 8:30pm, Mon-Fri

  • In-person
  • Phone


  • Email
  • Comprehensive self-help Web resource

Open user area

  • Macs
  • PCs
  • Printers
  • Scanners
  • Video editing
  • More economical than setting up your own facilities

Help Centre chargeable services can take the load off your own IT Support Staff

  • Hardware assessments and repairs available
  • We will advise against uneconomic repair
  • We’re Apple-accredited so can do warranty work
  • Backups and re-installs offered
  • Take the load off ITSS to let them be more strategic and do more interesting things
  • Specific expertise not economical at the unit level

More about the help centre

Breakdown cover is not just for cars!

  • Hardware breakdown cover available for College, Department and Personal computers and more including iPods
  • Extremely favourable rates
  • Covers accidental damage too
  • Can “book” to start at end of warranty

More about the breakdown service

9. What OUCS provides for IT Staff

  • Induction for new (and rusty!) staff
  • Rich web resources including Wiki
  • Tools for local user management
  • Priority helpdesk and registration access
  • Technical training
  • BCS group membership
  • “Lunch and Learn” seminars
  • Annual Conference and Exhibition
  • Social events – invaluable for networking

Are your IT staff using all this?

We can help recruit new IT staff as well as support existing staff

  • Many experienced recruiters and managers in OUCS
  • We will Shortlist and Interview with you
  • We have a large stock of Job Descriptions and Adverts
  • We’re up-to-date with best practice training
  • Job description reviews (for re-grades) offered
  • Help with workplace IT related issues – but we are IT experts, not Personnel Services!

Please ask us early!

More about the ITS3

10. Learning and Teaching

Learning and teaching is about much more than just courses…

Courses, Facilities and Expertise

  • Wide range of courses available
  • Huge saving on commercial offerings
  • Course books available in ITLP portfolio
  • We’re an Apple authorised training centre
  • Lecture rooms are state-of-the-art
  • And you can hire them!
  • We can advise on creating your own
  • We have lots of kit you can try
  • Guidance & advice on teaching with technology
  • Pedagogical expertise on tap…

Contact ltg@oucs.ox.ac.uk for general advice about teaching and learning and courses@oucs.ox.ac.uk for information about our courses.

See the Thames Suite pages for information about our rooms and how to hire them.

See our courses section to view and book one of our many courses.

Virtual Learning Environment - WebLearn

  • Brings together teaching and learning activities
  • Many tools and functions
  • Tutorial sign-up
  • Surveys
  • Questionnaires
  • Reading lists
  • Chat
  • Assessment
  • And lots more

More about WebLearn

11. Communication

We can help you communicate with people how they like to communicate

We can help you formulate policies on and safely use:

  • Facebook
  • Twitter
  • Blogs
  • OxItems & RSS (news syndication and use on websites)
  • Text messaging to mobile phones
  • Emergency use
  • Reminder use
  • Out-of-term use
  • WebEx Service and Skype byte-size course - including for interviewing

Contact the help centre for more advice

12. Podcasts & iTunesU speak to tomorrow’s, today’s and yesterday’s students

Oxford’s iTunesU brings your material to their iPhone, iPad, iPod etc. via iTunes

  • Reach potential students – attract good candidates
  • Reach current students – distribute course material
  • Reach alumni – maximise development opportunities
  • We offer wide expertise in recording, editing and distributing online material and can do as much or as little for you as you wish
  • We know all the legal issues and can help you through them
  • 8 million downloads in first 2 years!

More about podcasting

13. Mobile Oxford

  • Find a library book, find a bus, find a lecture, find a post box: all from a mobile
  • Personal computing is moving from laptops to mobiles
  • Quick way to get info to students and staff
  • We can work with you to provide your information
  • Mobile Oxford is an award-winning service

More about mobile oxford

14. Services for Visitors, Delegates, etc.

Keep your conference delegates happy and make them want to come back


  • Ideal for other HEI members
  • Get tools and setup help for ITSS
  • Perfect for staff across Oxford too


  • Ideal for non-eduroam users
  • Resource for organisers, porters etc.
  • Laptop hire (via ITSS)
  • Favourable rates and custom configurations
  • For in-house teaching as well as conferences

More about wireless networks

15. IT Strategy?

Where is your IT and where’s it going? Do you have an IT Strategy?

OUCS has wide experience in:

  • IT reviews/audits available
  • Staff & Student interviews
  • Surveys
  • Technical reviews
  • Advice and recommendations
  • Ongoing implementation support
  • Helping you to develop IT strategy and budget in line with unit strategy and budget

16. Finding Out More About OUCS Services

How to point your users at our services

  • Our marketing materials are available on our web site
  • Displays in common areas
  • Use in information packs
  • Brighten up student computer rooms
  • Remember you don’t have to provide everything

Have you got an OUCS rep?

  • Reps scheme provides a contact point for a unit other than via IT Staff
  • Enables non-technical dialogue about things that OUCS offers
  • Reps are high-level and strategic
  • Many senior OUCS staff involved
  • Bring OUCS reports to meetings & committees if you wish
  • Will work in the best way to fit your needs
  • Always work in consultation with ITSS

Find out more about OUCS Reps.

We’re here to help you get the most out of what we can offer in partnership with your own ITSS