The email client configuration information provided on various OUCS web pages is primarily intended for users accessing their accounts via a direct connection to the University's campus network or dial-up service.

If you wish to access your Oxford email account via a connection to an external Internet Service Provider (ISP) such as as AOL or Freeserve, the OUCS configuration details will still be applicable. We recommend that you set your email client to use the Oxford secure SMTP settings to avoid possible problems (, port 587, authenticated, TLS/SSL, no SPA). See the setup instructions for individual email clients.

You should also be aware that certain facilities, such as some of the online services provided by the Bodleian Library and some internal web-pages, may not be accessible through connections via external ISPs unless you are using VPN (Virtual Private Network) software to connect to the University network.

If you ever need to contact OUCS via a non-University email account, for example to report a problem with your Oxford email account, you must give your University card number together with any other relevant account details in order that you can be correctly identified.