What are IMAP and POP? [+/-] IMAP and POP are two of the ways that dedicated email clients such as Microsoft Outlook or Eudora can interact with a mail system. Many commercial systems will only offer one of these access methods. IMAP is the default option for Nexus but it is possible to use POP instead (your local IT support staff or OUCS Help Centre can supply the connection details). IMAP is geared to giving you a view of a remote email repository. Messages and folders normally reside on a remote system such as Nexus, although IMAP clients also provide local folders. You can move mail to and from between remote and local storage although, as with POP, locally stored material is only visible from your own machine. IMAP is useful for people who access their email from various locations and want it located in a secure central repository. IMAP tends to involve longer online connections than POP. POP is geared to fetching your new mail from a remote system and storing it on your local machine. The remote copy is normally then deleted automatically, although POP mail clients can usually be configured to retain a copy on the central system. POP is good for people wanting the minimum length of connection (e.g. over a phone line) and who want to work offline as much as possible, and on the same computer. However, once downloaded, messages will not be viewable from elsewhere.

What are IMAP and POP? [+/-]

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