As you may have experienced, we have had an increased number of 'phishing' attempts on the university, specifically on the email system. They generally take the form of emails pretending to be from OUCS and attempting to get users' login information (username and password)

If you receive an email that is asking you to divulge your sign-in details relating to a University service you can help OUCS by reporting these. Please send them to Please note that as well as the message body (both plain text and HTML components, if present), we require the 'full headers' of the email in order to trace the origins of a message. The full headers will include one or more lines starting "Received: ". Further documentation on reporting phishing attempts is available on the Phishing page.

Below are links to instructions on how to view the full headers on some popular email clients.

If you are forwarding mail to an external source, you may find the following list of instructions (maintained by Google) helpful: