To locate the full email header of a message in Outlook 2010 you need to:

  1. Start Outlook 2010
  2. From your list of emails locate the suspect message. Double click on the message to open it in a new window
  3. Click on the Files tab in the Message window
  4. The information screen now opens:
    Information screen showing 4
  5. Next click on the Properties icon:
    Properties icon
  6. This brings up the Properties option screen which displays the full headers in the lower section entitled Internet Headers. Left-click in the box containing the header information, select all of the text and copy it as shown below:
    Selected header information
  7. Once the header information has been copied, click on the Close button to return to your suspect message.
  8. Click on the Forward button and paste the copied header information into the new message. Please then send this to