1. Getting started

New University members
All new members of the University are automatically given an Oxford Username and an email account once a University card has been issued. Details about the Oxford account (which is also known as the Single Sign-On account or SSO) are sent to your University address (college or department). Please allow several days after receiving your card for the email account details to reach you. If you haven't received your account details and activation code, please contact the OUCS help centre.

Before you can start using your Oxford account you need to activate it. Go to the Webauth page and enter your activation code which you will find in the letter with your account details.

The SSO account is not only used for email but is also the means by which you get access to a range of Oxford services (see the Oxford username page for details).

Access your email
You can access your Oxford email in different ways; directly online or via a program (client) installed on your computer (or mobile device). Users of Microsoft clients (such as Outlook or Entourage) get access other features in addition to email (such as calendar, address book, to-do lists). If you choose to use an email client, you have to set it up. More information about Nexus email, including configuration details for a series of clients, are available on the Nexus email page.

About Oxford email
If you are unfamiliar with email, you should read our New Email Users guide, which will lead you through the steps involved in setting up your email account and reading your email.

If you are already familiar with setting up email clients, here are the facts you need, in our Experienced Email Users manual; this should provide all the information you need to configure your software at Oxford.

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