4. Other Email Topics

How do Oxford Email Addresses work? We have some notes on the local conventions which should clarify matters.
Contacts/address book
Many people maintain large and important address books containing email addresses of their work and personal contacts. Nexus provides two distinct address books: a global Oxford one and a personal address book for each user. For more information, see Nexus Contacts.
When you first start using Nexus, you will probably want to import your address book from your existing email client so that you can access all your existing contacts from Nexus. For more information, see Nexus Contacts page.
Mailing Lists
If you want to have regular email discussions between a group of people, you should look at Mailing Lists.
The mail system, previous to the current mail system Nexus, was called 'Herald'. To ease the migration of accounts to Nexus, email addresses of the form username@herald.ox.ac.uk were still honoured for a time. However, this support was removed in November 2011.

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