3. University Policy

Junk and Chain mail is the cause of a large number of complaints, both from within and outside the University. It is a great waste of computing resources and staff time, both at the originating and the receiving site.

OUCS will take action against any Oxford user who is identified as having originated or passed on junk or chain mail. Serious cases will be referred to the Proctors.

3.1. What to do if you are personally harassed

Sometimes people may receive offensive mail that is directed to them personally. This may come about through the unwanted attentions of an acquaintance, because one is involved in activities or areas of research that have become the target of pressure groups, or because the user has expressed views in a public forum that others consider offensive or controversial. In the last case we would always advise caution and reflection before putting messages on newsgroups, etc.

If a user is persistently harassed, or is threatened by email, then there are various measure that can be taken to shield them. If you are in this situation, then please contact OUCS Help Centre (telephone (2)73200), and we shall arrange for one of our staff to discuss this with you confidentially.

The Proctors regard any form of harassment as a serious University offence, and will deal severely with cases originating from within the University.

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