5. Other Mailing List Information

5.1. Mirroring via Newsgroups

Many mailing lists, in particular many of the local lists maintained by the IT-related special interest groups (SIGs), are mirrored to equivalent newsgroups. This allows you to read and take part in the ongoing discussions using either email or network news clients.

5.2. Signature Files

If you have a signature file that is appended automatically to all your email messages this might cause problems when you are sending administrative requests to Majordomo based mailing list services (the lines in your signature will be treated as commands). Many mailing list services have a stop or end command to be put after your last proper command. If such a command is not available, make sure that your signature file is not included in any messages you send to the mailing list service address. The Oxford Ezmlm system is not affected by anything you put in the body of administrative requests.

5.3. Email Etiquette

Remember that any message you send to mailing lists are seen by all the members of the list (potentially many tens of thousands of readers) - take care with what you write and how you say things.

Do not send signoff messages to the actual list. Doing so annoys the other members of the list unnecessarily, and also reduces your credibility.

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