4. Controlling who may subscribe and unsubscribe

The Subscriptions panel on the configuration page controls who who can subscribe and unsubscribe to your list. There are 2 options:
  1. List will respond to any subscribe and unsubscribe requests and allow public archive retrieval.
  2. Subscription requests to the mailing list and digest will be passed to the moderators.
Subscriptions configuration panel

People are required to confirm that they wish to subscribe to or unsubscribe from a mailing list when they make a request. There is, however, no confirmation process when members are subscribed or unsubscribed by the list administrator via the web interface. List administrators will need to send out a welcome message if they wish the new members to receive one.

When a list has subscription moderation turned on and someone requests subscription to the list they will first be asked to confirm their request then it will be passed on to the subscription moderators for them to accept or reject.

4.1. Allow subscribe and unsubscribe requests

If you want people to be able to request to join or leave your mailing list then you will need to select option 1. If you do not select this option then any requests to join or leave will be rejected.

4.2. Moderation of subscribe requests

If you want to control who can join your mailing list, select options 1 and 2.

Please Note: Option 2 sets moderation of subscriptions only. In most cases you should let people unsubscribe from your list if they really want to.

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