6. Moderating messages and requests

Moderation of subscription requests and posts is relatively simple. The moderator receives a message asking them to check the request, which is quoted in the message. They should either reply to the From address - to reject the message (it has the reject word in the address) or to the Reply-To address - to accept the message (it has accept in the address). Most email software will automatically select the Reply-To address so it is very simple to accept a message, which will likely be the most frequent case.

If moderators wish to get help they can send a message to listname-help@maillist.ox.ac.uk and it will return a general help page on how to moderate requests.

There is a default time limit for moderation of messages. This is set to 120 hours. After this time any requests that have not been accepted or rejected, will automatically be considered to have been rejected. The time allowed can be set to any whole number of hours between 24 and 240 through the Options panel.

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