2. Getting started

To edit your mailing list configuration settings, you should log into your account using your Single Sign-On username and password at the following address: https://maillist.ox.ac.uk/
The mailing list welcome screen is shown below:

Homepage of your mailing list account

Your mailing list homepage hows all of the mailing lists you own. Each list can be opened for editing from here. By the side of each list name there are 6 links: Each link below takes you to an example page for that category. Detailed instructions on how to use these settings are found in other sections of this document.
This setting allows you to configure how your mailing list will work (see following sections of this document).
This setting allows you to add users to your mail list.
This setting allows you to add moderators to your mail list.
This setting allows you to include additional email addresses for the same person. They can then send messages to the list from each address. You can also add unsubscribed people to this list and allow them to post to your list.
This setting allows you to prevent messages from being posted from particular email accounts.
This setting allows you to edit the standard messages your subscribers receive from the mail list.

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