IT Services

Mailing List Policy


1. Who may own a list

Any full member of the University (University staff, Member of Congregation, Postgraduate or Undergraduate student) may apply to manage a mailing list. In the case of undergraduates, the person concerned should be one of the officers of a club or society recognized by the Proctors.

2. What lists are acceptable

Mailing lists covering any subject matter relating to the academic or social/cultural life of the University will be accepted. The majority of members, and of list traffic, should be internal to the University - we are not able to provide a general world-wide mailing list service.

JISCmail is a national academic mailing list service which supports collaborative projects spanning the UK academic and research community. (JISCmail is available without charge, and is NOT restricted to JISC-funded projects.)

If you want a list which does not meet the above criteria, there are several commercial sites which offer mailing lists, for example

3. Lifetime of lists

Each list will have a finite lifetime, linked to the project time of the list-owner's username. For this reason, lists that will have a long lifetime should have permanent or long-term members of staff as their owner. List owners will be notified when their list is due to expire, and they should ensure that a new owner is found, and properly registered with OUCS, before the current owner leaves the University.

4. Removal of inactive lists

Lists which have been inactive for more than 12 months are liable to be removed from the server. OUCS will endeavour to contact list owners before taking this action.

5. Usage

Owners and users of mailing lists run at OUCS must abide by the IT Rules and conform to the JANET Acceptable Use Policy. They are also expected to follow the Netiquette Code of Conduct. In particular, the transmission of unsolicited commercial or advertising material is unacceptable.

It is also a breach of netiquette to subscribe an address to a mailing list without the owner's permission (unless authority has been given by head of department or similar).