2. Writing styles

  • Be very careful how you express yourself, especially if you feel heated about the subject - email lacks the other cues and clues that convey the sense in which what you say is to be taken, and you can easily convey the wrong impression. If you meant something in jest, use a `smiley' :-) to convey that.

  • Remember the message will be read by another person who may not appreciate your `personality' or opinions.

  • Do not reproduce a message in full when responding to it, especially if you are posting to a newsgroup. This is hard on the readers, and wasteful of resources. Instead, be selective in the parts that you include in your response.

  • Try to keep messages fairly brief. Most people would not choose to read text on a computer screen and it can get very tiring for some users. Try to restrict yourself to one or two screenfuls at most.

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