8. Popular Email Clients

Among the most popular email clients for Windows PCs and Macintoshes are:

  • Outlook - distributed as part of Microsoft's Office package. If you use Outlook, you get access to other Nexus features in addition to email (such as calendars, shared address book, to-do lists etc).
  • Entourage - for Apple Mac users who want to be able to access not only email but also other Nexus features (calendaring, shared address books etc)
  • Thunderbird - This is a free email client available from the Mozilla project. It is easily configured and can import settings etc. from other major email clients. It will only let you access your email, not other Nexus features.
  • Outlook Express - distributed as part of Microsoft's Internet Explorer package.
  • Eudora - a free program which displays advertising unless you pay a registration fee.

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