6. Web Access to Nexus

The letter sent to your College or Department will contain details of how to activate your Oxford account. Once this has been done, you can start to use the system. The simplest way to get started is via Nexus's web-based Outlook Web Access. All you need is Nexus's internet address which is https://nexus.ox.ac.uk/owa - you can type this into your web-browser's address box just like any other web address.

Click here to open up a Nexus connection in a separate window. You'll see entry boxes for your username and password. Try entering these (remembering to distinguish upper and lower case letters) then click on the Login button. All being well, you should get logged in to your Nexus account.

A full guide to Nexus Outlook Web Access interface is available elsewhere. The most important thing to remember about using Outlook Web Access, or any SSO service, is to close down your web browser completely at the end of your computer session. If you don't do this, someone else could access all your mail.

A big attraction of web-based email is that it is available from any web-browser (e.g. in an internet café).

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