8. What if I move to a new Email Server?

This is why we strongly recommend generic email addresses rather than explicit server addresses. Because the generic first.last@ addresses do not indicate which username or email server you use, it is a simple matter to redirect where oxmail sends any incoming mail for you. There is no need to tell all your colleagues that you have changed to a different email account. Incoming mail addressed to your generic address will simply be sent to your new server.

All you need to do is inform OUCS Registration of your new username/machine combination. Changes can also be made by the IT Officer for the unit.

For example, supposing Enstone College started to run their own email server, and Mary Brown wished to use that instead of using Nexus. Suppose also that the email system is known as mailsrv.enstone.ox.ac.uk and that her username on the system is mary_b. All she would need to do is let OUCS Registration know this and the change would take place next time the records were updated on oxmail (normally 10:00, 13:00, 16:00, 19:00 for requests processed at least 30 minutes before those times). In practice, all arrangements for the changeover would usually be handled by the College's IT Officer.

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