9. Different email addresses routed to different servers?

This setup is allowed for. Different email addresses can be routed to different destination username/machine combinations. A good example of where this might be useful is if someone with both a department and college affiliation, and with more than one username available to them, wished to keep different aspects of their academic work separate. Further, as the outgoing mail headers can be set differently for mail sent from each username, it is possible to separate different aspects of your work completely.

Continuing the Mary Brown example, assume that her main work is related to her job in Food Studies, but that there was a certain amount of email relating to a research project she was involved with at her college. She could request that the mary.brown@food.ox.ac.uk address directed mail to the username food0032 on Nexus, but that the mary.brown@enstone.ox.ac.uk address passed the mail on to the username mary_b on the Enstone mail system. By setting the outgoing mail headers accordingly, the two aspects of her work could be kept completely separate.

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