14. Special case Departments and Colleges

The local procedures described above apply to the majority of people and the majority of departments and colleges. There will be some differences where a department or college runs its own email server.

14.1. Local server, routed by OUCS

Some departments run their own email systems and have the routing of their first.last@ addresses managed by OUCS. The IT Officer will arrange the local account, contact OUCS to arrange the routing, and let you know when the account and address will be fully operational. The behaviour will be the same as for the standard set-up in most respects.

14.2. Local server, self-contained

Some colleges and departments have total control of their incoming mail - oxmail recognises the domain part of the address and sends the mail immediately to the relevant server, which will do its own handling of the name part. In these circumstances, the email addresses will not necessarily conform to the standard generic format described above. Information in the online directory for the University contact page will be as supplied to OUCS by the department or college concerned. In most cases, oxmail will also hold messages if the server is temporarily out of action.

OUCS cannot reroute mail addressed to these departments and colleges. Check the institution's web page for local procedures, or email postmaster@unit.ox.ac.uk if you cannot find any special instructions.

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