11. What if I leave Oxford?

OUCS accounts are disabled when your University Card expires. If you leave before the date shown on your card, the card may be cancelled at any time after you leave, so you should not rely on the printed date. If you use a Nexus account and take no action, mail will continue to be delivered to your account and the sender will not know that you have not received it.

There are various options for redirecting your email or saving your stored messages. These are covered in detail in the Leaving Oxford page. One month before your Nexus account is due to expire, you will be emailed a warning which includes a link to this page.

If your first.last@ addresses are routed to a Nexus account, they will automatically be cancelled when the account is deleted. If they are routed to a departmental server, OUCS does not have records of whether your server account remains valid or whether it has forwarding set to another address. Any queries will need to be addressed to IT staff in the relevant department or college. Please check first whether the information is already available on the unit's web site.

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