2. How email reaches the addressee

Every domain which is valid for email has associated with it the Internet address of one or more computers which will accept email addressed to the domain. This information is accessible to any computer on the Internet, so a message will not leave the originating computer unless the domain part is valid. The accepting computer may be a server or it may be a router. A router will have additional information about the name component of the email address (and possibly the domain part if it handles several domains) and will send the message to the appropriate server. In either case, the name part will be used to identify an account on the server.

An email server accepts incoming mail and stores it in the correct account according to the recipient address on the message. The email user activates a client such as Outlook Web Access, Outlook, Eudora or Pine to check the account for new messages. The client can also be used to view new or old messages, or to organise or delete messages.

OUCS provides the web-based client Outlook Web Access which is self-contained and can be used anywhere world-wide. Other clients should be configured specifying IMAP as the server type. This keeps your active email on the server so that it is available whether or not you are using your own office computer.

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