1. Be alert

Neither OUCS nor anyone else within the University should ever ask you to reveal your password by email. If you receive such an email asking you to do so, it is undoubtedly a scam. Do not reply! [Please read our Fake Emails information too! ]

Some phishing attacks ask you to follow a link to a web page which then prompts you for a username and password. Be extremely wary of any such links even if an email appears genuine. Scammers may attempt to replicate the "look and feel" of legitimate and familiar University or College login pages. If in you are in even the smallest amount of doubt, you MUST NOT follow the link in the email but instead use existing bookmarks, follow links from trustworthy websites such as the OUCS site or your department or college intranet, or seek assistance.

You may periodically receive messages regarding password expiry, quota problems, etc from OUCS or other service providers within the University. Unfortunately these may be hard to distinguish from fake emails. Facilities are in place to allow you to reset your password or check your quota (choose the 'show email usage and quota' option).

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