3. Oxford Email Addresses

When you register for an Oxford account, you will be issued with an email address for use with that account. For most users, this is based on their college affiliation, for example chris.jones@chch.ox.ac.uk. Graduate and staff users also get an email address relating to their departmental affiliation, for example chris.jones@food.ox.ac.uk.

Incoming mail sent to either college and departmental addresses will normally be delivered to the same Nexus email account. Outgoing messages will always be "stamped" as originating from one particular version. (Users with more than one Oxford email address can use the Nexus account settings to specify which one Nexus should use when sending mail.)

A few university departments and colleges run their own email system and prefer their members to use that. If you find yourself in this category, you can still use your Nexus account, although having two email accounts may make life unnecessarily complicated. If you have both a college and departmental affiliation, you could, for example, request that your college email address delivers it messages to the college system, and your departmental email address to Nexus.

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