4. Connecting to the Network

Many colleges and departments provide some communal computers via which you can access email. If you want to use email from your own computer, you will need to get your machine linked up to the University network and configure its basic communications software. Many college rooms now provide connection points onto the high-speed campus ethernet network. How you set up an ethernet connection depends on where you are - your college or departmental IT support staff can provide local information about this.

The University also provides a wireless network which University members can use. To connect to this, you need a valid and active OUCS Remote Access Account (please note that this is different from your SSO account). More information about university wireless is available on the Wireless Networking pages.

From off-campus, the most popular form of email and internet access is a broadband connection via a commercial Internet Service Provider (ISP). Most ISPs also still provide a low-speed service using a modem.

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