IT Services

Requesting extra Nexus mailbox quota


1. Check for unwanted emails

Before you consider asking for a larger quota, please check that you do not have any unwanted email. Please check your Deleted Items and Junk E-Mail folders (both of which count towards your overall mailbox size) and consider, for example, removing items from your Sent Items folder. Some of those emails may be very old.

N.B. Deleting Sent Items is a two stage process; Any deleted Sent Items are automatically placed into your Deleted Items folder from where you should delete them again in order to reduce your mailbox size.

You can check for more information about your mailbox via the OUCS Self-Registration Pages (log in required).

2. Members of University departments

If you decide that you need a larger quota and you are based in a University unit, your IT support will need the following details:

Your ITSS will apply for your extra quota at (ITSS only). The charge for your quota will be taken in arrears in February and August, for the preceding six-month periods. Your departmental administrator will receive a statement shortly before the funds are transferred directly via Oracle Financials.

3. Members of colleges

If you are applying from a college, you must raise a purchase order to OUCS who will invoice you when payment is due. Your IT support must apply for your extra quota through the form at (ITSS only).

Your ITSS will need the following details:

4. Conditions

Please note that the following conditions apply: