2. Mailbox full notification

2.1. The warning message:

Your mailbox is full warning message
Figure 2. Your mailbox is full warning message

2.2. Guidance

This message is generated automatically by the server when you exceed 100% of the assigned capacity. Please do not reply to this email as the return account is not actively monitored.

What should you do?
Simply put, you should take immediate steps to remove some content.

These may include removing items from your Sent Items folder, emptying your Deleted Items and Junk E-Mail folders (both of which count towards your overall mailbox size), or requesting a larger mailbox (which may incur a cost).

N.B. Deleting Sent Items is a two stage process; Any deleted Sent Items are automatically placed into your Deleted Items folder from where you should delete them again in order to reduce your mailbox size.

NOTICE: We are aware of a number of fake messages asking for username and password under the pretence of sorting out various email-related issues. IT Services will never, under any circumstances, ask for these details and particularly your password should never be revealed to anyone and certainly never sent in an email.

You can check for more information about your mailbox via the Self-Registration Pages (log in required) and you can find useful information on the web site regarding mailbox quotas.

If you require assistance in reducing your mailbox size, or would like its quota increased, please contact your local IT support staff or the Help Centre.

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