3. Mailbox suspended notification

Your Oxford Nexus mailbox has now significantly exceeded the limit assigned to you. Emails sent to you when your mailbox is in this state are not delivered and the sender should receive a notification of that fact. Please take action now to ensure that your mailbox is brought back under the limit.

We advise you to consider, for example, removing items from your Sent Items folder, emptying your Deleted Items and Junk E-Mail folders (both of which count towards your overall mailbox size), or requesting a larger mailbox (which may incur a cost).

N.B. Deleting Sent Items is a two stage process; Any deleted Sent Items are automatically placed into your Deleted Items folder from where you should delete them again in order to reduce your mailbox size.

You can check for more information about your mailbox via the OUCS Self-Registration Pages (log in required) and you can find useful information on the OUCS web site regarding mailbox quotas .

If you require assistance in reducing your mailbox size, or would like its quota increased, please contact your local IT support staff or the OUCS Help Centre.

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