3. Web Page Appearance

OUCS uses browser detection methods so that we can send the most appropriate styled page back to the user. Modern browsers that are standards compliant and can render CSS styling properly are served with a CSS, table-free page. Older browsers that cannot render CSS are provided with a tabled version of the web page instead. All versions of Netscape 4 are detected and given an alternative, simplified version of our pages. Where possible OUCS recommends all users to upgrade their favourite browser software to the most recent version.

For extra user control over the style of our pages, visitors can change the page style by using the links at the foot of every page (with the exception of the home page). The style can be switched between the following:
  • Normal View - default page style
  • Simple text - text only style with high contrast
  • Printable version - styled for printing, no menu or side links present.
  • XML experimental view - Some browsers can render the pure XML of our web pages.
  • PDF version - will become available in the future

Font sizes used on the site are all relative. This allows the user to change the size of the text to suit themselves.

OUCS has tested its CSS pages using a large variety of browsers and platforms. A complete listing of tested browser screen grabs is available on our site:

Home Page Tested Browsers List

Standard Page Tested Browser List.

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